Become our Agent


  • Rules Binding on Agents: Our Materials (TV, Decoders, printers, computers…….etc) are not transferable and belongs to the company.
  • Faulty printers, Laptops, TV, Decoders….e.t.c Must be replaced or repaired as the case may be by the agents.
  • Existing Agents are to pay a minimum of N10,000 deposit to fund their AccessBET account; weekends should be put into consideration.
  • New Agent must pay N30,000 before a shop account can be created. The Money Covers for an initial funding of N30,000.
  • Agents are not allowed to take commissions from bettors/winners.
  • We reserve all rights to withdraw agency license and retrieve our materials from a shop that is known for irregular activities or not meeting up to expectations.
  • We reserve the right to terminate our contract with no prior notice for reasons best known to us.